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Health & Safety Policy

Health Safety and Wellbeing Policy 2015

Our health and safety vision:
“We all go home from work without injury or illness”

We believe:

  • No business objective will take priority over health and safety.
  • All injuries and incidents are preventable.
  • No task is so important or urgent that it cannot be done safely.
  • Without diminishing management’s obligations, the responsibility and accountability for health and safety rests with every individual.

At Boom Logistics Limited we are committed to conducting our business in a manner that prevents injury or illness to employees, contractors, customers and the public who may be affected by our work activities. We encourage best practice in health and safety management within the wider Boom Logistics Limited community.

To achieve this we will:

  • Maintain and continuously improve our Integrated Management System (IMS).
  • Provide a balanced focus on the management of health and wellbeing, personnel and process safety.
  • Ensure that all employees and contractors receive appropriate instruction and training to fulfill their individual health and safety responsibilities.
  • Proactively pursue the identification of all hazards and eliminate or, if not possible, manage the risk to as low as reasonably practicable.
  • Consult with and promote active participation of employees in the management of their own and others health, wellbeing and safety.
  • Require that companies providing contract services to Boom Logistics manage their health and safety in line with this Policy.
  • Provide resources to achieve a systematic approach to health, personnel safety and process safety management to ensure continuous performance improvement.
  • Identify performance measures, set improvement targets, measure and report performance at all levels.
  • As a minimum comply with relevant legal and other requirements.
  • Develop a culture where all employees and contractors are constantly aware of safety hazards around them and act accordingly at and away from work.
  • Include health and safety performance in the appraisal of employees and contractors and recognise accordingly.
  • Ensure this policy is communicated, understood and successfully implemented by all Boom Logistics Limited employees and contractors.

This policy was developed in consultation with management, supervisors and employees and will be reviewed September 2017.

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